Nic Benacerraf is a designer of sets and environments for live performance, a co-artistic director of The Assembly, and an academic who studies the mechanics of social change. 

He has been honored to collaborate with Judith Malina (The Living Theatre), Trusty Sidekick (Lincoln Center), Waterwell (Under the Radar), Lars Jan (Center for New Performance), BAM Poetry, Meiyin Wang (La MaMa), Kristin Marting (HERE), Goat in the Road (New Orleans), Son of Semele (LA), and has assisted design luminaries such as Richard Foreman, Mimi Lien, Suzanne Lacy, Douglas Little, and Christine Jones. 

As a generative artist, Nic builds systems and environments for genuine human encounters, in theaters, galleries, concert halls, and streets. His work as founding co-artistic director of The Assembly is multifaceted, involving designing, producing, and directing. SEAGULLMACHINE--a project conceived, co-directed, and co-designed by Nic--premiered in April 2018 at La MaMa. Additionally, Nic often works on original devised performances that incorporate design from the very first step of the process. For over a decade he has developed original techniques to build design in collaboration with performers and authors in the rehearsal environment. 

He is a proud graduate of Wesleyan University (BA in Theater and Sociology), CalArts (MFA in Scenic Design; MA in Aesthetics & Politics), and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Theatre and Performance at the CUNY Graduate Center. 

He taught full-time for two years at Kean University, and has lectured at CalArts, NYU, Wesleyan University, Colgate University, and the New School.

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